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Hot Meal Delivery

Our catering team use only the finest ingredients to prepare a nutritionally balanced meal for our all customers to enjoy.


Meals are delivered directly to your door between 12noon and 1pm by our dedicated team of volunteers and staff.



A two course lunch costs £5.50. Delivery is free and is available from Monday to Friday every week except for Bank Holidays. Frozen meals are available to cover weekends and Bank Holidays.



We operate a monthly account system.We will invoice you every month for the meals you have had and if you wish you can send a cheque back with your delivery driver when they deliver your meal. If you prefer, however, you can post your cheque directly to the day centre.



Your menus will be delivered or sent to you 1 week in advance and if you wish to book a meal delivery simply call Elvis McMinn at the Newmarket Day Centre on: 01638 664262 and she will book your meal for you.


Specialised Bathing Unit

If you worry about getting in and out of the bath safely or, you don’t feel at ease, safe and secure in your own bath because there is no-one you can call if needed.


Why not have a bath or shower in complete privacy using our purpose built specialist bathroom?


The bathroom is fitted with a Parker bath and shower which are much easier to use. The bath enables you to step in and out easily so you don’t have to struggle and there is a whirlpool fitted for extra luxury if you like to soak.


If you prefer a shower, the shower is wider than a normal domestic model which means no more squeezing in and out and having no room to move it also has a built-in seat so it is much easier to wash especially your feet.


If, however you require support to have a bath or shower our fully trained


Assistants (or a family member if preferred) will be on hand if and when required.


We realise to have a bath or shower is an important and can make a big difference to how you feel. You can use the facilities as often as you like however, unfortunately it is an expensive service to provide and we have to make a relatively small charge to cover hot water etc.


The cost of a bath is £5.00 this includes plenty of hot water toiletries and towels and a shower costs £4.00 which includes hot water toiletries and towels as well as assistance if required.


For more information or to book a bath or shower, please contact Veronica on 01638) 664262 or email Veronica Fixe


Hair Salon

Ladies – why not treat yourself either to a regular appointment or just now and again and have your hair styled in our friendly and comfortable hairdressing salon. A perm, shampoo and set, trims and tints and much more are all available at reasonable prices.


The Hairdressing Salon is open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4pm. Sue Clarke is the hairdresser.


The Day Centre operates a Loyalty Card for ladies appointments – each time you visit the Hairdressing Salon you will receive a stamp on your Loyalty Card. After 9 visits you are entitled to have your hair done for half price.


For more information or to book an appointment please contact Sue on (01638) 664262 or email Elvis McMinn


Barber Service

Hair cuts for men are available without an appointment on a Wednesday morning.


Why not grab a cup of tea or coffee and one of our famous cheese scones while you wait?



The chiropody service is provided by registered foot care specialist. It remains as popular as ever because we all know if your feet hurt they need some attention. Everyday activities can be unbearable. To meet demand we have two qualified Foot Care specialists working between them 4 mornings a week –


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (9.30am to 12.30pm) by appointment and the service is provided from our well equipped, confidential, treatment room.


How to book - chiropody appointments are £25 and they are available for anyone over 50; at present time there is no waiting list.


For more information or to book an appointment, please contact us on (01638) 664262 or email Elvis McMinn


Manicure and Pedicure

Why not spoil yourself and have a regular pampering?


Book an appointment with a trained member of staff and choose the service you would like - a full manicure or a partial manicure e.g. filing the nails and/or nail colour including a French manicure. We have a qualified Nail Technician at the centre every second Tuesday & Thursday Mornings. She can offer different treatments:


Manicures £7.00, Pedicures £9.00, UV Gel Polish from £10.00, Gel Overlays £18.00, Gel Extensions Full set £22.00


Call E McMinn on 01638 664262 or email


Hearing Aid Clinics

Once a month on Tuesdays


The next 3 dates are all Tuesdays 27th June, 25th July, 22nd August


The clinic offers cleaning , re tubing, and battery change ( at present battery change is only for Suffolk clients as Addenbrookes will not support us by issuing batteries for us to give to Cambridge clients)


No appointment necessary clinic runs from 1.30pm-3.30pm


Contact will still be



Two minibuses transport Day Care clients to & from the centre, if you require transport please contact:

Elvis McMinn.Telephone (01638) 664262 or email


Conference Room Hire