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The Suffolk Award

The Newmarket Day Centre has been delivering fresh cooked, hot meals to the community for many years.


When lockdown first hit us, nobody knew what to do, the nation was in turmoil. We, as a business had to close our doors in order to protect both ourselves and our clients. We furloughed 3 members of our very small team because without clients, there was not much work to be done. This included 2 members of our care team and the Hairdresser.


However, we soon learnt that we could help the community throughout these unprecedented times. We advertised, relied on word of mouth, joined forces with others. We used every platform we could find to let the people of Newmarket and surrounding villages know that they were not alone.


It did not take long for news to spread and the number of people we were supporting to grow. We prepared, cooked, and delivered meals to an average of 80 people per day. We made regular telephone calls to vulnerable, lonely people. We sent food parcels to anybody in need. We promoted the importance of self-care around mental health.


As numbers rose, we reintroduced our furloughed staff.


We were not expecting any kind of recognition for this work, we only wanted to help.


So, imagine our surprise when we were visited by Edward Creasy, The High Sheriff of Suffolk and were presented with this amazing award. Which we are so proud of achieving.

Covid Award


The Orangery is now open!! Come by to see us and try our amazing new menu


In 2019, we started to think about our old conservatory, which needed so much love and attention. We decided to go out to raise money to enable us to renew it and give us a smarter frontage to our building. We had funding help from various people in Newmarket, which we thank you all very much. We also received help from Locality Budget for the furnishing when we are ready.


In June 2020 plans were drawn up by Mathew Stearn of Whiting’s in Bury St Edmunds and I am glad to say that in January 2021 the work has finally started. The work is being carried out by Godfrey Hicks a local company.


When it is all completed, it will be known as the orangery, in there will be our new café area which will sell Drinks, Cakes, Sandwiches and a Light Snacks. We cannot wait to have our first customers through the door. If you are passing anytime soon have a look you will see how things are developing. In the meantime, Laura will keep you updated on Facebook & Twitter as well as our website.

  • The Orangery

    The Orangery - 01 February 2021

  • The Orangery

    The Orangery - 15 February 2021

  • The Orangery

    The Orangery - 24 February 2021

  • The Orangery

    The Orangery - 03 March 2021

  • The Orangery

    The Orangery - 03 March 2021

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    The Orangery - 10 March 2021

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    The Orangery - 18 March 2021

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    The Orangery - 19 March 2021

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    The Orangery - 20 March 2021

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    The Orangery - 26 March 2021

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    The Orangery - 26 April 2021

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    The Orangery - 30 April 2021

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    The Orangery - 04 May 2021

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    The Orangery - 05 May 2021

  • The Orangery

    The Orangery - 17 May 2021




Marilyn Boulton

Poppy Colouring Competition  Winner - November 2020


The winner of the poppy colouring competition is Marilyn Boulton.


Very pretty!


Your prize will be delivered soon.


Thank you and well done to each and every person that entered. Our window looks amazing.





Award Trophy 2019

Love Newmarket BID Business Awards 2019


Winner of the Best Community Business Category: NEWMARKET DAY CENTRE


Haven’t we done well—A very big thank you goes to all the staff and volunteers whose hard work has enabled us to win two years running — you all make the Day Centre what it is!!



Award Trophy

Newmarket Day Centre wins "Love Newmarket Business" award


On Wednesday 7th February 2018, we attended the very first Love Newmarket Business Awards


We are so proud to announce that we won the category for Best Lifestyle Independent 2018.


Many thanks to all our staff and volunteers, whose dedication and hard work have helped us to achieve this prestigious award and a big thank you to all of our Clients who regularly support the Day Centre.


Newmarket Day Centre is open to all in the community over the age of 50 years!


Why don’t you come along and see for yourself why we won this award, you won’t be disappointed, in fact you’ll probably become a regular….


Look forward to seeing you soon!