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Hearing Aid Clinic


Veronica and Laura
Veronica Fixe and Laura Evans

The Hearing Aid Clinic is held on the last Tuesday of every month and is facilitated by Veronica Fixe – our Senior Care Coordinator and Laura Evans – our Client Support Worker.


The Hearing Aid Clinic offers cleaning, re-tubing, and battery change.


No appointment is necessary and the Clinic is open from 1.30pm - 3.00pm


For more information call us on 01638 664262 or Email




PLEASE NOTE: This service is funded by Suffolk Hearing Advisory Service and unfortunately is only available to SUFFOLK Clients. Elvis McMinn has approached the Audiology Department at Addenbrookes Hospital but they will not supply us with the necessary parts and therefore not willing to support Cambridgeshire Clients to attend our Clinics. If you are a Cambridgeshire Client and need to obtain new batteries and tubing, please contact them direct on 01223 245151.