Newmarket Day centre CIO


Bathing Service




Our fully equipped bathroom hosts a Parker height adjustable reclining sit bath.


This bath features a swinging sealable door. The Parker is designed to enable both independent and assisted transfers in and out.


The Parker is height adjustable and goes from sitting to reclining at the push of a button. Allowing maximum comfort with minimum fuss.


The Parker is fitted with many safety features, including clear temperature displays, temperature and pressure regulated mixing valves, and automatic hot water shut off when safe temperatures are exceeded.


This bath is very special and can create an atmosphere for relaxation. With its optional air spa jets, sensory lighting, and calming music controls.


The bath has a weight limit of 23 stone.




For those less inclined to enjoy a soak we also have a walk-in shower with handrails for safety and a sturdy shower chair for support.



Our professional, supportive care team are fully trained, with vast experience on using the equipment in our bathroom. They will ensure safety and enjoyment when using the facilities.

Towelling and basic toiletries will be provided. If you use a specific product, we ask that you bring it along with you.


A 30-minute session in the bathroom is charged at £5.50.


We do not have or use hoisting equipment here at The Day Centre so you must be able to bare your own weight for transfer.


A member of our care team will need to assess you before a bath appointment is made.




If you are of a shy nature and would prefer to not have a staff member present you can bring somebody along with you. However, this person would need to be trained and assessed of competence to use the equipment.


When the bathroom is hired, The Newmarket Day Centre hold NO LIABILTY. And a waiver will need to be signed.


To arrange an assessment please contact our Care Coordinator Veronica Fixe on 01638 664262